Sunday, December 9, 2007

Truffle Cheese

Petit Brillat Savarin with Truffles

I really enjoyed this cheese... black truffle coated fresh triple cream cow's milk cheese. The cheese itself is very smooth rich and mellow. But the fats in the cheese help the beautiful truffle flavor to linger in your mouth better - Very nice combination indeed...

Boschetto al Tartufo Stagionato

This cheese is made from pure sheep’s milk by the master cheese maker at Il Forteto. It is supposed to have white truffles in it but all the truffles looked very dark to me (may be do to the aging process?) It did have a light aroma of truffles but it didn't have the depth of truffle flavor I wished for. I would rather use white truffle butter to add intense truffle flavor to a dish (If you don't have a fresh truffle). This cheese remind me of aged sheep Gouda. It could be sliced or graded over pasta or risotto.

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