Sunday, December 9, 2007

Truffle Butter

After tasting 7 course fresh Italian white truffle dinner at my favorite restaurant in Venice (I want to keep it secret...), I was not sure if my palette was developed enough for truffle. I asked the chef to slice me white truffles so that I can taste it by it self. I did like plain truffle but I think the truffle's job is to decorate other ingredients in the dish. In other word, truffles shine when there is a beautiful background food. It is like a beautiful flawless diamond (white truffle) on a beautiful woman without any makeup (scrambled eggs, pasta, risotto...without any other spice).
I wanted to incorporate truffles in to my daily diet... so I ordered truffle butter.

I really loved intense flavor of white truffles in this butter (see left). It has very simple ingredients -100% French butter, white truffle, natural white truffle extract, sea salt. It had just enough sea salt to enhance the flavor of truffle.
It is made by Fabrique Delices which I associate with great quality high end food. I had great experiences with their Pâtés, Foie Gras, and sausages as well.
I used this butter on bread, on crunchy fresh green beans, and boiled fingering potatoes.

I also purchased black truffle butter from D'Artagnan. They were not as good as the white one from Fabrique Delices. It did have bigger chunk of truffles but it was not as flavorful as the other. Yes I know, it is black truffle which has less aroma than white but it had other, "off" ingredients such as soy sauce...

It is better to cook black truffle a little so I used this black truffle butter in my ravioli dish.

Risotto with white truffles, shrimps, artichoke and mushrooms topped with Boschetto al Tartufo Stagionato (white truffle cheese). It was very nice match!

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