Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fish Market in Ishigaki

Ishigaki is a Japanese tropical island located in Okinawa prefecture.

I was lucky to meet a cab driver who told me about Ishigaki Fish Market.

When I was at the market, I did not see any tourist. The market was very small and was not open to public. I was very happy to see the variety of local tropical fish brought by fishermen for the morning auction. They had many tuna including 2 meter Kajikimaguro (Swordfish). I have tasted Irabucha (blue fish pictured below) sashimi. It had almost see though White fresh which tasted very clean with hint of sweetness. It reminded me the taste of Hirame (Halibut).


                      グルクン (タカサゴ)  

Kuchinaji                   Deep Water Fish ?

                    Large Shrimp (about 50cm)

タコ                     イカ 
Octopus                   Cuttlefish


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