Sunday, January 27, 2008

Teppanyaki 鉄板焼き

Tepannyaki is a Japanese style cooking done on Iron cooking surface. Tepann (鉄板)means Iron plate, and yaki(焼き)means grill. I like this way of cooking exceptionally for stakes. You can appreciate the quality of ingredients better since this is the simplest way you can cook the meat.
I had a great teppanyaki dinner at Musashino in Kichijoji Japan. We usally book their private dining room in the back. They have a great extensive wine list including Romanée-Conti at $7500 (better price than at Enoteca Pinchiorri). Only problem I have with Musashino is that they overcooked my Foie Gras last time I visited them.

Starter Kobe Beef Tataki with consommé gelee, served cold. Tataki means lightly cooked on the outside.

Grilled live Iseebi (spiny lobster ). We Japanese value Iseebi much more than lobster. Iseebi has no clows and has much sweeter and tighter flesh.

Kobe beef Teppanyaki

My other favorite Teppanyaki restaurant is Mon cher ton ton in Roppongi, Tokyo. I like their Foie Gras much better than the one at Musashino.

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