Sunday, January 4, 2009


Addition to the Osechi I bought from Delica rf-1, I made Ozoni.
Ozoni is a brothy dish with mochi (sticky rice cake) and a major part of Osech which almost all Japanese people who live in Japan eats in the morning of January 1st.

Each region make different kind of broth with (Shio / Salt, white Miso, Red Miso, or Soy sauce). The contents are different by region too. With seafood or with chicken? Round moch or rectangular moch?

My mom's recipe is Tokyo style.

Chie's Ozoni (Tokyo style) consists:

1 /3 Chicken broth and 2/3Bonito broth

Soy Sauce

Komatsuna (similar to spinach but more texture)

Chiken leg pieces (No bone, no skin, and no fat)

Kamaboko slices (Fish cake - preferably Tai no kamaboko)

Daikon slices

Rectangular Mochi

Mitsuba (for topping)

It is also my family tradition to make Japanese style roast beef (we eat it with Japanese yellow mustard) for the New Year celebration every year.

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