Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shochu 焼酎

I love shochu! It is not a well know liquor but it is one of my favorite. Those who don't know shochu is distilled clear liquor made of wheat, rice, sweet potato or buckwheat. It is usually 25% alcohol level. Some people mix it with fruit juice, soda, lemon, or salted plum. I always drink it on the rocks. Very clean tasting which goes very well with almost any food. It has been the most popular drink of choice in Japan for the past 20 years or so. Here's an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about shochu.

There are more than 450 shochu distiller and more than 5000 labels of shochu!

I think Korean Soju is more common in the us. Most common label is Jinro. Soju is made almost the same way as Shochu but to me they taste very different. I thinks Shochu is more clean and delicate.
Shochu on Wikipedia

Many restaurants in Japan offer Shochu by bottles. When you order a bottle of Shochu, you'll also get all the accondiments such as ice bucket, lemon, water, tea etc. When you cannot finish the bottle at once, you can put your name on it and the restaurant will keep it for you untill your next visit.

Restaurant who serves Shochu by bottle in San Francisco:
Sakana, 605 Post Street
Katanaya, 430 Geary Street
Ryoko's, 619 Taylor Street

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